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Graham’s Bedtime Routine

TAKING CARA BABIES Graham's Bedtime Routine Emily Layne, Guest Blogger October 14, 2017 When I was pregnant, I purchased the online Taking Cara Babies “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” Newborn sleep class. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful this class has been for...

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Daycare & Baby Sleep

TAKING CARA BABIES Daycare & Baby Sleep Cara Dumaplin, Founder Through Taking Cara Babies, I get to collaborate with moms from all across the world and from all walks of life. This blog post is written by one of those amazing moms. Let me introduce her to you-...

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Transitioning Out of the Swaddle

TAKING CARA BABIES Transitioning Out of the Swaddle Cara Dumaplin, Founder If you have watched or attended the newborn class “Will I Ever Sleep Again?”, you know that newborns long for the womb those first few months after birth. They love the security of feeling snug...

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Tummy Sleep

TAKING CARA BABIES When is it Safe for Tummy Sleep? Cara Dumaplin, Founder Research shows a decreased risk of SIDS when babies are placed flat on their backs for sleeping (specifically, on a firm mattress with no loose bedding). Can a baby ever safely sleep on his...

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First Day of Kindergarten

TAKING CARA BABIES First Day of Kindergarten Cara Dumaplin, Founder August 2, 2017 **This post was originally published on The RN Journal of Nursing. "This is the necklace I was wearing the first time I saw you, Ella", I explain as I latch a gold necklace around my...

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Navigating Months 3 & 4

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