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Is Taking Cara Babies Cry It Out?

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Cara Dumaplin

RN, BSN, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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Is Taking Cara Babies cry it out?anchor

The short answer: no.

My heart is for you and your baby to have a strong emotional connection and secure attachment. I also want your entire family to be well rested so you can thrive. 

When we think of cry-it-out, we often picture parents laying a crying baby down in the crib, closing the door behind them, and not returning until morning. Parents, please hear me: I could never do this, and I would never ask this of you. Leaving your baby to cry through the night unsupported is not anything I recommend.

What methods does Taking Cara Babies teach?anchor

Every method I teach is centered around meeting your baby or toddler right where they are developmentally and doing that in a way that feels right to you as a parent. This is what evidence-based practice is all about.

My classes are not “one size fits all” or one “perfect method”: instead, I’ll show you many different ways to customize a research-supported plan that’s perfect for your unique child and your specific situation. (And if you don’t find a plan that works for your family, please know that all of my classes come with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee to protect your investment.)

For babies 0-4 months, I’ll teach you no-cry strategies to lay a healthy sleep foundation from the start. I’ll show you how to understand your baby’s needs and read your baby’s cues, how to calm them when they’re fussy, and how to set them up for the best chance of restful sleep. This class teaches you how to establish flexible routines that add predictability to your days without the pressure to live by a rigid schedule. I’ll show you how to get all the baby snuggles your heart desires while still developing those independent sleep skills and longer stretches at night. My ​​First Five Months Bundle is a collection of methods and strategies to practice so that you can confidently work on sleep while loving this stage with your baby.

For babies 5-24 months and toddlers 2-4 years old, I teach formal sleep training methods. These are developmentally-appropriate, fully-customizable, and emotionally-connected approaches to consolidated nights and naps. You will see some crying, but these methods do NOT involve leaving your little one without support. Our goal is to help them become a great little sleeper with the fewest tears possible, for you to work towards independent sleep while staying securely attached and meeting all of your child’s unique needs in a way that sits well in your heart.  

What is sleep training? anchor

Sleep training is a way of intentionally teaching your baby or toddler to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night. My 5-24 Month Collection and Toddler Sleep Training classes are exactly this. I teach you specific, customizable methods to establish 10-12 hours of consolidated nights and solid naps. I’ll make sure you know exactly how to gradually wean or maintain night feedings, how to ease the stress of bedtime, and how to remain emotionally-connected through the whole process.

My First Five Months Bundle is NOT formal sleep training. Instead, I’ll teach you gentle, no-cry strategies to practice with your newborn (0-4 months) in order to lay a healthy sleep foundation from the start.

Can you sleep train a newborn? Can you sleep train a 1 month old? Can you sleep train a 2 month old? Can you sleep train a 3 month old? anchor

I do not recommend sleep training young babies (0-4 months). The goal is to always meet your little one right where they are developmentally, and formal sleep training just isn’t developmentally appropriate in those first several months. 

Often when parents ask this question, what they actually want to know is whether they can help their young baby sleep better. And the answer to that is YES! When you understand the basics of newborn sleep, when you can read your baby’s unique cues, and when you have research-based strategies to implement, you really CAN help your young baby get longer stretches of sleep. This is what I teach in my First Five Months Bundle.

When can you start sleep training? anchor

I recommend waiting until at least 5 months before considering formal sleep training.

My goal is always to help you meet your baby right where they are developmentally. During the newborn stage, formal sleep training simply isn’t appropriate. Some families wonder if they should start sleep training when their baby reaches 4 months. Here’s why I don’t typically recommend that: During the 4 Month Sleep Regression, there is so much development taking place with your little one’s sleep cycles, physical growth, and awareness of the world. Because of this, many who attempt sleep training before 5 months find that it involves more crying, more struggle, and more days to see success. Once your baby reaches 5 months, the sleep cycle adjustment has been made, and melatonin (the body's natural sleepy hormone) also begins to regulate, making sleep training much more effective. 

That doesn’t mean you have to sleep train at 5 months, but I do like you to wait until at least 5 months for formal sleep training. Keep in mind, you can begin laying a healthy sleep foundation in months 1-4. This is what I teach in my First Five Months Bundle.

Is my child too old for sleep training? Is it too late for us to have a good sleeper?anchor

Here’s the truth: It’s never too late to prioritize healthy sleep. Often, I’ll hear parents say things like: “My child is just a bad sleeper.” Parents, this doesn’t have to be your story! 

I can teach you a fully customizable, holistic sleep training plan that will meet your little one exactly where they are right now, whether you have a baby (5-24 months) or a toddler (2-4 years). It’s not too late, even if you’ve never had a great sleeper before. 

How long does sleep training take?anchor

Every child and family is different, so it depends on your little one and the methods you choose. My 5-24 Month Collection will teach you a 14-night plan as well as several ways you can customize your plan to fit your lifestyle and values.

How do I know if sleep training is right for my baby or toddler?anchor

Great question! If you’re not sure if it’s the right fit or the right time, I’d love to share my story of sleep training with you. I wrote a blog all about how I decided it was time to sleep train with my daughter Ella.

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