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The 524 Month Collection

A collection of 3 online classes to help you achieve 10-12 hour consolidated nights, solid naps, and conquer all the bumps along the way

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Your Plan for Great Nights

ABCs of Sleep

Let me walk you step-by-step through a completely customizable and holistic sleep training plan to help your baby sleep independently for 10–12 hours each night.

ABCs of Sleep will teach you how to:

  • Customize a sleep training plan to help your baby achieve 10-12 hours of independent crib sleep

  • Remain emotionally connected to your baby during sleep training

  • Handle night wakings and night weaning according to your baby’s unique needs

  • Prepare your family, home, and baby for a smooth sleep training experience

  • Adjust sleep training for your specific circumstances including multiples, Montessori beds, room-sharing, older siblings, traveling families, reflux, teething, daycare, strong-willed babies, and so much more

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Your Plan for Great Days

Conquering Naps

Struggling with naps? Let me teach you how to confidently set up a daytime routine and predictable nap schedule that fits your family’s lifestyle and priorities.

Conquering Naps will walk you through:

  • Setting up a developmentally appropriate flexible routine and nap schedule

  • Independent crib naps, snuggle naps, or any combination of the two

  • Adjusting and transitioning for every new stage until your baby turns two

  • Troubleshooting short naps, early morning wakings, naps on the go, tricky days, and so much more

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Your plan for everything in between

Bumps Along the Way

In this free bonus class, I'll teach you how to customize the tools you've learned in ABCs of Sleep and Conquering Naps so that you can become your baby's sleep expert now and for every new stage of your baby’s sleep journey through age two.

Bumps Along the Way will empower you to take on:

  • Sudden night wakings

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Sleep regressions

  • New developmental stages

  • Sickness, colds, teething & vaccines

  • and so much more!

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On-Demand Video

My classes are broken into easy-to-watch segments so that you can follow along at your own pace.

Free Sample

I want you to have the tools to help your baby sleep so that your whole family can thrive. Let me teach you a holistic and fully customizable plan to help your baby sleep independently.

Cara Dumaplin

Founder of Taking Cara Babies

An Approach Proven to Work

Taking Cara Babies resources combine the expertise of a pediatric nurse and the heart of a mama.

Research & Evidence Based

Feel confident that you’re using strategies affirmed by peer-reviewed research, pediatricians, and experts worldwide.

Emotionally Connected

Your baby will be loved, supported, and emotionally connected to you while learning sleep skills vital to proper growth and development.

Flexible & Customizable

Your baby is unique and so are you! I’ll teach you how to customize your sleep plan for nights and naps so that it fits your family’s heart, lifestyle, and priorities. 

An Easy-to-Use Approach

Let me walk you step-by-step through your journey so that you can rest easy knowing exactly what comes next.

Simple no-tricks pricing

All Taking Cara Babies classes are covered by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Get all 3 classes

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The 524 Month Collection

$ 249 USD
  • The complete ABCs of Sleep series

  • The complete Conquering Naps series

  • Our bonus Bumps Along the Way series

  • On-demand access that never expires

  • 10+ hours of video content

  • Sample schedules, checklists & workbook pages so you can evaluate & track your baby’s progress

Want to add more support? Get a discounted phone consultation with our expert sleep consultants!

Purchase The Collection Plus for $319

ABCs of Sleep

$ 179 USD
  • 3.5+ hours of online lessons

  • On-demand access that never expires

  • Sample schedules, checklists & workbook pages

Conquering Naps

$ 129 USD
  • 5+ hours of video lessons

  • On-demand access that never expires

  • Sample schedules, checklists, & workbook pages

Common Questions

The 5–24 Month Collection is designed to give you everything you need for great sleep no matter your situation. It will help you whether:

  • you breastfeed or bottle feed
  • you have one baby or multiples
  • your baby is in daycare or is with you all day
  • your baby sleeps in a crib or a Montessori bed
  • your baby has his own nursery or you live in a one bedroom home
  • your baby loves a pacifier or has never used one
  • you have taken other Taking Cara Babies classes or you haven’t taken any
  • you’re looking for the fastest way to great sleep or a more gradual approach

Yes, it even applies if:

  • you’ve tried other sleep training approaches
  • you are constantly traveling
  • your baby has well-managed reflux or eczema
  • your baby is very strong-willed
  • your baby needs to maintain a night feeding
  • your baby has never slept independently before

Your baby will naturally cry in protest to the changes you’re making, but our goal is for them to learn to sleep independently with the fewest tears possible. You’ll learn how and when to intervene, while staying emotionally connected to your baby.
This method is fully customizable so that you can meet your baby’s unique needs in a way that sits right in your heart.

For more about crying, check out my blog called Let’s Talk About Sleep Training. I’ll share the research as well as my own personal story with sleep training.

The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep comes with on-demand access that never expires so that you have it now and for every nap transition, every regression, and every bump along the way.

If you purchased before April of 2023, you may see your class drop off your account. To fix this, simply email [email protected] to let us know, and we'll help make sure you don't lose your class access again.

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