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When Do You Stop Burping a Baby?

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Are you wondering when to stop burping your baby? I’m covering the signs that your baby no longer needs to be burped, when it’s okay to stop burping your baby at night, and more.

When do you stop burping a baby? anchor

Most babies will be ready to stop burping somewhere around 4-6 months, but it’s truly more about their physical development and not your baby’s age. 

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What are signs I can stop burping my baby?anchor

It’s okay to stop burping your baby when you see most or all of these signs: 

  • Your baby doesn’t seem to burp even when you’re trying.

  • Your baby is perfectly content after and between feedings when not burped.

  • Your baby is able to relieve their own gas through movement (sitting up, rolling over, etc.)

While some babies need to be burped until about 6 months, many are showing signs that they’re able to relieve their own gas by 3-4 months. Remember, it’s about individual development and not age. 

When can I stop burping a baby with reflux?anchor

Follow the signs above to determine when your baby with reflux is able to eat without burping. If your baby has reflux, you may consider:

  • Keeping your baby’s head higher than their tummy during feedings.

  • Holding your baby upright for 15-30 minutes after a feeding. 

Important Note: Please reach out to the pediatrician if you are concerned about your baby’s reflux symptoms.

Is it OK to put a baby to sleep without burping? When do you stop burping a baby at night?anchor

If your baby still needs to be burped after feedings during the day, they typically still need to be burped after feedings during the night. If your baby is showing signs that they no longer need to be burped after feedings, then it’s perfectly okay to lay your sleeping baby down after night feedings. 

How can I have a great sleeper if my baby is waking in the night to burp?anchor

In those first few months, babies may need your help with burping. Keep this in mind: burping is needed when air is taken in through the mouth. This is generally associated with either eating or crying, which means it would be very rare for a baby to wake in the night needing to burp. Instead, the need to burp typically happens after feeding or bouts of crying. If you suspect gas issues are waking your little one, try these tips for a gassy baby.

Please know that by about 5 months, that little esophagus is typically mature enough to release burps without your help, even following feedings or crying. However, if sleep is a struggle, I can help. My 5-24 Month Collection will walk you step-by-step through a plan to help your baby fall asleep independently and get the sleep they need. 

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