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Let’s talk about newborns. You can find quick tips for newborn sleep, the basics of newborn behavior, and expectations for these early months.


newborn yawning and moving in active sleep

Active Sleep and Newborns

newborn baby staring away as a sleepy cue while being held by Cara

Understanding Newborn Sleepy Cues

an expectant mother sitting on the floor holding her stomach, while looking at an ultrasound picture and new baby iteams

Advice for New Parents

baby crying witching hour colic

Witching Hour for Babies

Mom kissing newborn's head on her shoulder after baby took a short nap

Short Naps and Newborns

parent's hand touching premature baby in the NICU

Bonding in the NICU

mom in rocking chair nursing baby in the dark

The Dream Feed

Baby awake in rock n play being supervised, weaning out of unsafe sleep products

Ditching Unsafe Sleep Products

swaddled newborn yawning

Should I Swaddle My Baby?

baby standing in crib for safe sleep

Safe Sleep Checklist

baby yawning after being up all night with day-night confusion

Newborn Day-Night Confusion

newborn with baby acne

Top Tips to Help with Baby Acne

happy one month old baby during awake time

1 Month Old Sleep Schedule

2 month old baby in a white outfit with white background

2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

three three month old babies actively looking around and smiling at the camera

3 Month Old Sleep Schedule

night light plugged into wall outlet

Night Lights and Baby Sleep

unclose view of newborn baby feet with baby curled to the side

Can Newborns Sleep on Their Side?

awake baby laying on white bed with parent doing exercises to relieve gas before bed

Gassy Baby at Night

Light and bright white image of parent attempting to burp a young baby.

What To Do if Your Baby Won’t Burp

new mom breastfeeding newborn baby

Breastfeeding 101

Are you ready to have a great little sleeper?

If you're overwhelmed, exhausted, or just not sure where to start. I was there too. Let me show you everything you need to confidently handle sleep so your whole family can thrive!

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