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All articles in the Naps series.

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baby crying after taking short nap

Why is My Baby Taking Short Naps?

baby standing in crib reaching toward camera while refusing to nap

What to Do When Your Baby Won't Nap

Mom kissing newborn's head on her shoulder after baby took a short nap

Short Naps and Newborns

Baby girl napping on dad's chest

Contact Naps

baby laying happily in crib since he is ready to drop a nap

Signs It’s Time to Drop a Nap

baby doing tummy time on a white blanket during awake time for the 4 to 3 nap transition

4 to 3 Nap Transition

Baby smiling at camera while moving into a crawling position during a longer wake window of the 3 to 2 nap transition.

3 to 2 Nap Transition

newborn baby safely sleeping in car seat with pacifier

Sleeping Babies in Car Seats

toddler sitting next to little sister with a sign celebrating the first day of preschool

Baby Naps and School Pickup

baby walking with Dad during awake time between naps

Nap Schedules: 5 Months to 25 Months

baby looking out window awake

Wake Windows and Baby Sleep

babies playing with blocks at daycare

Daycare & Baby Sleep

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