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Toddler Sleep Training FAQ

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I’d love to answer all of your questions about my class for parents of 2, 3, and 4 year olds: Toddler Sleep Training.

What is the Taking Cara Babies Toddler Sleep Training class? anchor

Toddler Sleep Training is an online class to help you teach your 2, 3, or 4 year old to sleep independently while remaining emotionally connected. It covers everything you need to know about toddlers and sleep, including:

  • Step-by-step guidance through a fully customizable, holistic approach to toddler sleep

  • Techniques for preparing your child for the BEST sleep possible

  • Tools to keep you emotionally connected to your child as they learn independent sleep

  • Strategies for preventing bedtime battles

  • Detailed help through toddler naps and quiet time

  • Teaching on your child’s new developmental stage

PLUS… this class also has dedicated videos where I’ll walk you through specific struggles, transitions, and new stages including:

  • Bedtime fears and nightmares

  • Night terrors

  • Potty training

  • Night weaning

  • Adding a sibling

  • Transitioning out of the crib

  • Ditching the pacifier

  • Travel tips

  • Early morning struggles

  • And so much more!

Toddler Sleep Training was created specifically for little ones from 2 years old through their 5th birthday. This class is designed to meet your child right where they are developmentally, so I’ll show you how to specifically cater the methods to your little one’s age whether they’re on the young end of the range or the older end of the range. 

Expert Tip: Some people refer to children as “toddlers” starting at 12 months. Please know that the Taking Cara Babies Toddler Sleep Training course is designed specifically for toddlers 2 and older. Starting the class younger than 2 years may cause frustration for you and your child simply because it isn’t the most developmentally-appropriate resource quite yet. If your child is between 12 and 24 months old, my 5-24 Month Collection will be the best fit for your little one’s needs.

What is included in toddler sleep training?anchor

  • Video-based teaching so you can SEE how to use what you learn

  • Downloads and printables to help you stay on track

  • Evidence-based strategies and practical tools you can begin using right away

  • On-demand access that never expires so that you have it now and for every nap transition, every regression, and every new stage along your journey

  • 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee

This class will give you a research-based, customizable plan to set your family up for sleep success. I’ll teach you everything you need to know for independent sleep, naps and quiet time, and smooth transitions during the toddler years.

How do you sleep train a toddler? anchor

There are several different sleep training methods that can help a toddler learn to sleep independently. Many find a gradual parent removal or interval-based reassurance method works best. When deciding the best option for your family, allow me to offer some guidance: 

There’s a big difference between choosing a sleep training “method” and actually having an effective sleep training “plan.” A method simply tells you how you’re going to react when your little one awakens in the night. A true sleep training plan needs to account for the “big picture” of your child as a whole human… not just their night wakings. 

In order to improve toddler sleep, we must take into account:

  • sleep needs for both days and nights

  • emotional, physical, and mental well-being

  • parenting and behavioral strategies

Improving toddler sleep truly involves looking at the whole picture and addressing the whole child.

With toddlers, typically a gentle, gradual approach is most effective. My Toddler Sleep Training is just that. I’ll show you how to look at the big picture of your child's sleep to set your family up for sleep success. This is not a “one-size-fits-all” method. I’ll give you a research-supported plan and show you how to customize sleep training in a way that feels right to you as a parent. Let me share more about how to look at the big picture with this free preview from Toddler Sleep Training.

Taking Cara Babies Free Toddler Sleep Training Preview:anchor

Here’s a special preview of one of my favorite lessons in the Toddler Sleep Training class. I share the importance of looking at your little one as a complex, whole human. Taking into account your child’s emotional, mental, and physical development is vital to sleep success. Let me show you: 

How is this new Toddler Sleep Training class different from other Taking Cara Babies resources? anchor

Great question! Here’s the thing about children as they grow: they also change. And each new developmental stage brings something different. What worked before, likely doesn’t anymore. The strategies that made sense for your little one before age 2 or 2.5, simply don’t make sense after. Your toddler has become more independent with a mind of their own.

My Toddler Sleep Training class will meet your family right where you are and give you brand new sleep strategies to carry your child through their 5th birthday—and beyond.

What you learn in this class also extends far beyond sleep. Because so much of toddler sleep is actually about parenting and behavior, the takeaways, techniques, and understanding you’ll gain from this class will serve your relationship with your child for years to come.

Please know, this isn't just a class you'll watch and move past. It's a class you’ll keep coming back to for strategies to guide you through twists, turns, and new stages until your child turns 5 (and truly even past that).

How long do I have access to Toddler Sleep Training?anchor

Toddler Sleep Training comes with on-demand access that never expires so that you have it now and for every nap transition, every regression, and every new stage along your journey.

How much does this class cost?anchor

Toddler Sleep Training will hand you everything you need for sleep: days, nights, and every twist and turn along your journey for only $199. 

Think you’ll need more one-on-one support? I’ve got you! Toddler Sleep Training PLUS includes a discounted phone consult with an expert pediatric sleep consultant on my team. YES! That’s the full Toddler Sleep Training course, AND included one-on-one support for $269. 

What if I need one-on-one support? Can I add a phone consult if I need it later?anchor

We can help! If you own Toddler Sleep Training, you can purchase a phone consult for one-on-one support with an expert pediatric sleep consultant on my team at any time. 

Know you’re going to need that support already? Toddler Sleep Training PLUS gives you the Toddler Sleep Training class AND a discounted phone consult for just $269.

Can I get a discount if I already own another Taking Cara Babies class?anchor

Yes! Simply email [email protected] after you purchase Toddler Sleep Training for a $10 loyalty rebate.

Can I read reviews on the Taking Cara Babies Toddler Sleep Training class?anchor

Sure! Read what parents are saying about the Toddler Sleep Training course:

What if my situation is unique?anchor

Toddler Sleep Training is designed to give you everything you need to have a great sleeper no matter your situation. It will help you whether:

  • your toddler just turned 2 or is nearly 5

  • you have one toddler or multiple toddlers

  • your child is in daycare, is in preschool, or is with you all day

  • your toddler sleeps in a crib, a Montessori bed, or a “big-kid” bed

  • your toddler sleeps in his own room or she shares a room with a sibling

  • your child is already potty trained, or you haven’t even thought about potty training

  • your toddler needs a pacifier to sleep or has never used one

  • you have taken other Taking Cara Babies classes or you haven’t taken any

Yes, it even applies if:

  • you’ve tried other sleep training approaches

  • you’re not actually comfortable with “traditional” sleep training

  • you want a gradual approach to help your toddler sleep

  • your toddler is very strong-willed 

  • your toddler is still nursing

  • your child has never slept independently before

What I hope you can see is that this class IS for you and your family! I can’t wait for you to get started!

Are you ready to have a great little sleeper?

If you're overwhelmed, exhausted, or just not sure where to start. I was there too. Let me show you everything you need to confidently handle sleep so your whole family can thrive!

Select your child's age to get started:

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