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A well-rested team isn’t a daydream anymore.

Sleep training classes to support new parents in your organization

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Bad sleep is bad for business.

Here’s what we know:

After having a baby, new parents (particularly mothers) lose 62 minutes of sleep per night1. Their sleep won’t fully recover for 5 years2. This sleep deprivation is bad for performance and terrible for mental health3. Studies show sleep deprivation costs employers $2,280 a year per person in lost productivity4. (This doesn’t even include increased healthcare costs due to sleep deprivation.)

Building a supportive workplace for parents is a challenge, but the fact that you’re here shows you’re already on the way.

This may not surprise you but:

  • Sleep deprivation contributes to a higher incidence of postpartum depression, increased anxiety5, and marital discord.6
  • A sleep-deprived brain mimics an intoxicated brain, leading to impaired driving, accidents, injuries, and poor judgment.7
  • When parents don’t get enough sleep, they’re less mentally and emotionally available to their families.8

And – at least in part – because of this, 43% of women leaders are burnt out, and women are leaving the workforce at the highest rate in years3

Sleep lost per night for new parents
62 minutes
Time before a new parent’s sleep fully recovers
5 years
Costs to employers due to sleep deprivation per person per year

Become an HR hero

So, how can you help new moms, new parents, new families?

Give them a Taking Cara Babies sleep class. These classes will guide them from their baby's very first night in the bassinet, all the way to the big kid bed and beyond. We teach new parents everything they need to confidently handle sleep so their whole family can thrive in every area of life. When people feel seen as whole humans by their employers, they put down roots and show up as their best selves.

When you buy Taking Cara Babies classes for parents:

  • New parents know they are welcome on your team.
  • Future parents know that family is valued in your company.
  • All parents know that you’re here to support them with tangible solutions.
  • Your entire team knows that you prioritize their physical, emotional, and mental well-being both at work and at home.

Why your parents will love us

Hear straight from our online community of nearly 3 million families

How it works

Taking Cara Babies provide sleep classes for three age groups: newborns, babies and toddlers. Every parent in your organization with children under five can get the sleep they need.

Sign up

Sign up with a company card. We'll email you a private redemption link.


Share the redemption link with new parents in your organization. Parents use the link to redeem classes at no cost to them.


As parents redeem a class, we'll charge the company card on file and email you a receipt at the end of the month.

How much will this cost?

We created this pay-as-you-go plan for companies that want to support parents but don't want to pay for licenses that won't be used.

Use our budgeting tool to estimate class costs for a typical year. Our classes range from $99 to $249, but on average Taking Cara Babies parents spend $140 on classes. We'll use that number to create the estimate.

Estimate how many parents will redeem a class in the next 12 months:

  1. Unlocked Locked 10% off Unlocked after 10 classes
  2. Unlocked Locked 20% off Unlocked after 50 classes
  3. Unlocked Locked 30% off Unlocked after 100 classes
Estimated cost
Estimated savings

Rested families

A × return on your investment per year.

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Common Questions

Parents can redeem any of the classes on our website.

We’re always looking for new ideas. If you want a feature we don’t currently offer, share your idea through our contact form and we’ll add them to our backlog. Some features we’re considering:

  • Annual budget limits and redemption notifications
  • Cost sharing for groups who only want to pay for a portion of the classes
  • Group purchasing for 1:1 sleep consultations for parents
  • Customize which classes parents can choose from
  • Advanced reporting

At the moment, Cara is not accepting speaking engagements.

We’re considering this! Not currently, but if we get enough requests, we’ll add this. We love the idea of being able to offer group discounts and cost sharing. email us through our contact form and we’ll add you to our waitlist.

We’re happy to help! Simply email us through our contact form.