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Sleep Schedules

Let me share my monthly sleep schedules. I’ll give you age-specific wake windows, month-by-month milestones, and basic guidelines for setting up a healthy sleep routine.


newborn baby sleeping on dad's shoulder in nursery with clouds on the wall

Newborn Sleep Schedule

happy one month old baby during awake time

1 Month Old Sleep Schedule

2 month old baby in a white outfit with white background

2 Month Old Sleep Schedule

three three month old babies actively looking around and smiling at the camera

3 Month Old Sleep Schedule

4 month old smiling at camera while doing tummy time

4 Month Old Sleep Schedule

baby walking with Dad during awake time between naps

Nap Schedules: 5 Months to 25 Months

five month old on tummy in crib with pacifier looking around the room

5 Month Old Sleep Schedule

six month old baby sitting up independently playing with toys with a blue blanket on his head

6 Month Old Sleep Schedule

seven month old sitting up looking away from camera

7 Month Old Sleep Schedule

baby on hand and knees with mom behind smiling at baby

8 Month Old Sleep Schedule

9 month old baby boy wearing a doc band helmet laying down looking at camera

9 Month Old Sleep Schedule

10 month old baby girl with dark skin tone and tiny pigtails crawling towards camera with tongue out

10 Month Old Sleep Schedule

11 Month Old baby with almost no hair smiling with a pacifier in their mouth while being held by mom. Baby is wearing a diaper and mom is smiling at the baby lovingly

11 Month Old Sleep Schedule

12 month old girl with olive complexion and brown hair in a yellow headband with birthday balloons behind her holding a sign that says "one". The balloons are light pink, light green, and gold

12 Month Old Sleep Schedule

13 month old Asian boy with dark straight hair wearing a blue and white striped tank top looking at camera with something in his mouth he is taking a bite out of

13 Month Old Sleep Schedule

14 month old boy holding 2 adult's hands (the adults are cut off at the waist) while learning to walk. The baby has a light skin tone and reddish hair.

14 Month Old Sleep Schedule

15 month old toddler with a light skin tone blonde hair smiling at the camera with hands up. The child is wearing a striped shirt.

15 Month Old Sleep Schedule

16 month old toddler sitting on a fuzzy surface while playing with toys and clapping hands. The baby has a medium skin tone and brown hair. He has a red train at his feet and is wearing a grey shirt and a diaper

16 Month Old Sleep Schedule

17 month old playing with mom on couch smiling at the camera. Mom and baby have a dark skin tone. Baby has black curly hair and mom has dark brow hair. She is wearing a light beige mock neck shirt and a red bracelet.

17 Month Old Sleep Schedule

19 month old squatting down to play with peg toy with his mom on the floor

19 Month Old Sleep Schedule

21 month old sitting on yellow couch looking at a book while sitting next to mom

21 Month Old Sleep Schedule

23 month olds playing on the floor with a shape sorter in bedroom.

23 Month Old Sleep Schedule

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