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Sleep Schedules

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newborn baby sleeping on dad's shoulder in nursery with clouds on the wall

Newborn Sleep Schedule

Let’s talk about newborn sleep schedules, expectations, and wake windows in the first weeks and months.

Sleep Training

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Baby laying in crib with arms extended

When to Start Sleep Training

I’m answering all of your questions about sleep training: what is sleep training, when to start sleep training, how long does sleep training take, and more!

newborn yawning and moving in active sleep

Active Sleep and Newborns

Newborns can be so active in their sleep. Let me show you what newborn sleep looks like and why newborns might be so noisy and moving constantly during sleep.

an expectant mother sitting on the floor holding her stomach, while looking at an ultrasound picture and new baby iteams

Advice for New Parents

baby crying after taking short nap

Why is My Baby Taking Short Naps?

Have a baby who won’t nap longer than 30 minutes? Let's cover why short naps happen, when naps consolidate, and how to help your baby take longer naps.

Baby girl napping on dad's chest

Contact Naps


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baby girl fell asleep on mom's shoulder during asleep regression

Sleep Regressions

Let’s talk all about sleep regressions including why they happen, how long they last, and how to handle them.

Sleep Basics

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baby standing in crib for safe sleep

Safe Sleep Checklist

Having a great little sleeper is wonderful, but I also want you to have a safe sleeper. Here's my safe sleep checklist for babies 0-12 months.

baby laying sleeping with monitors in the NICU

Bonding in the NICU

Latest Articles

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Baby Registry Must Haves

Are you ready to start your baby registry? Let’s talk baby registry must haves, items to avoid, a baby registry checklist, and when/where to register.