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Sleep Basics

All articles in the Sleep Basics series.

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baby standing in crib for safe sleep

Safe Sleep Checklist

Dad rocking baby while offering a feeding before bedtime

Creating a Bedtime Routine

baby looking out window awake

Wake Windows and Baby Sleep

Baby safely sleeping on tummy

Tummy Sleep

Baby awake in rock n play being supervised, weaning out of unsafe sleep products

Ditching Unsafe Sleep Products

baby with one arm out transitioning out of the swaddle

Transitioning Out of the Swaddle

newborn on Dad's shoulder covering face with hand after a short nap

Short Naps and Newborns

Mom offering baby dream feed

The Dream Feed

up close view of teething baby showing new bottom teeth looking at the camera

Teething and Baby Sleep

baby walking with Dad during awake time between naps

Nap Schedules: 5 Months to 25 Months

newborn yawning and moving in active sleep

Active Sleep and Newborns

happy toddler working on learning to walk by holding mom's hands

New Skills and Sleep Disruptions

awake baby looking up at parent after false start bedtime

False Start Bedtimes

baby wrapped in towel after bathtime before bedtime

Do Baths Help Babies Sleep?

night light plugged into wall outlet

Night Lights and Baby Sleep

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