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awake baby 4 month sleep regression

4 Month Sleep Regression

baby with separation anxiety holding Mom's leg

Separation Anxiety

8, 9, 10 month old playing on the floor with a book and a block, 8-10 month sleep regression

8-10 Month Sleep Regression

baby standing at crib during 12 month sleep regression

12 Month Sleep Regression

18 month sleep regression Mom holding toddler

18 Month Sleep Regression

Mom kisses 24 month toddler

24 Month Sleep Regression

happy toddler working on learning to walk by holding mom's hands

New Skills and Sleep Disruptions

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Daddy and baby looking at sparkler

Babies and Fireworks

When the fireworks start, parents worry about how to help babies sleep through the noise. Let me share with you some tips I have about how to handle babies and fireworks.

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Fair skinned baby girl with bow on head and caption 'Sleep tips for the holidays!' African American baby swaddled tightly to his mother's chest Cara Dumaplin wearing jean jacket embroidered with the words 'tough as a mother' in script font Asian baby boy, standing in crib, arms reaching towards the viewer Happy African American baby sitting in a kitchen sink captioned 'Fun facts about baths.'