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Which Taking Cara Babies Class Should I Take?

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Cara Dumaplin

RN, BSN, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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Are you wondering which of my classes is best for you? Let’s talk about it. 

Where do I start?anchor

Start with your baby or toddler’s age! Each of my classes emphasizes meeting your little one where they are developmentally. Because of that, I always encourage families to buy the class that matches their baby or toddler’s age.  

Expert Tip: In cases where a baby was born prematurely (before 37 weeks), we’ll use adjusted age to help decide which class is the best option. Now, if your baby was born after 37 weeks (yes, even if that sweet baby was born at 42 weeks), we’ll use their age from birth.

Select your child's age:anchor

0-12 weeks

In the early weeks of your baby’s life, I want you to have the tools you need to lay a healthy sleep foundation for your baby. That’s exactly what my Will I Ever Sleep Again? newborn class is all about. I’ll give you the tools and resources you need to calm a fussy baby, have confidence as a parent, read your baby’s cues, and set your days and nights up for success. And there's no crying involved! I want you to LOVE the newborn stage. 

Now, I know that some of you are reading this and asking “But, Cara, my baby is 11 weeks, is the newborn class the right choice for me?” Yes!  Even for babies 10-12 weeks the newborn class is the right choice for you!

Insider Tip: I love the combination of having both Will I Ever Sleep Again? and Navigating Months 3 & 4, so I have a bundle option called First Five Months Bundle that gives you both classes at 15% off.

3-4 Months  (13-22 weeks)

Around 4 months, babies face huge developmental changes, which can make nights rough.

I created Navigating Months 3 & 4 to offer you a roadmap for moving through this exciting but tricky stage. I'll teach you how to set up a healthy daytime routine, practice important sleep skills, and make progress in your sleep journey. I want you to have the tools to meet your baby right where he is developmentally and feel confident in this new stage of your baby's life.

This ebook is for you whether you took my newborn class or you didn't. It's also for you if you have a great little sleeper and just need next steps or if sleep is a total mess. Want a preview? Check out this free preview of Navigating Months 3 & 4.

If your baby is 4.5 months or older, The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep will be a better option so that you can be ready to get started when your baby reaches 5 months. 

5–24 Months

I know you want your baby to be a great little sleeper. If your baby is 5–24 months, The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep can help you get there. 

  • ABCs of Sleep: Your Plan for Great Nights. I’ll walk you step-by-step through a completely customizable, holistic sleep training experience. By the end, your baby will be getting 10-12 hours of independent night sleep.

  • Conquering Naps: Your Plan for Great Days. In this comprehensive class, I’ll help you set up a daytime routine and nap schedule that fits your family’s lifestyle and values. And you’ll get age-specific guidance to meet your baby right where he or she is developmentally at every stage from now until your baby turns 2.

  • Bumps Along the Way. Traveling, sickness, separation anxiety, and lots more can throw your sleep routines for a loop. This class provides practical guidance to help you confidently navigate all of the bumps in your sleep journey, and it’s only available as part of The 5–24 Month Collection. 

Think you’ll need more one-on-one support? I’ve got you! The 5–24 Month Collection PLUS includes a discounted phone consultation with one of my expert certified sleep consultants.

You can also purchase the ABCs of Sleep and Conquering Naps separately. If you need help deciding which class is right for you, this chart can help.

graphic showing flow chart for The 5–24 Month Collection: Everything You Need for Great Sleep

Not ready for a full class? I’ve created a free resource for you with 5 Daytime Tips for Better Nights (and Naps!).

2, 3, or 4 Years Old

In the toddler stage, so much changes: Your toddler will become more independent with a mind of their own.

My Toddler Sleep Training class will meet your family right where you are and give you brand new sleep strategies to carry your child through their 5th birthday—and beyond. It covers everything you need to know about toddlers and sleep, including: step-by-step guidance through a fully-customizable approach to toddler sleep, tools to keep you emotionally connected to your child as they learn, strategies for preventing bedtime battles, detailed help through toddler naps and quiet time, as well as teaching on your child’s new developmental stage.

Think you’ll need more one-on-one support? I’ve got you! Toddler Sleep Training PLUS includes a discounted phone consultation with one of my expert certified sleep consultants.

How are your classes different from what you provide in your blogs and Instagram?anchor

I’d love to talk about that with you. Check out this video.

Do you offer one-on-one consultations?anchor

If you’ve taken a class and you’re struggling, please know help is available. You can book a phone consult to speak with one of the certified sleep consultants on my team. You get to speak one-on-one with a consultant who will get to know you and your child and make recommendations based on your unique situation. 

Wherever you are on your sleep journey, I want to give you the tools to thrive!

Taking Cara Babies Classes FAQanchor

I love when parents take my newborn class before their baby arrives. But the truth is you can start any Taking Cara Babies class whenever you’re ready. Choose the class that matches your little one’s age, as this will ensure that we’re meeting your little one where they are developmentally. 

I recommend waiting until your baby is at least 5 months old before starting formal sleep training. Around 5 months, your baby has made the sleep cycle adjustment and the melatonin hormone required for successful sleep also begins to regulate, making sleep training much more effective.

Taking Cara Babies classes are not “one size fits all” or one “perfect method.” Instead, I’ll show you how to customize a holistic, research-supported plan that’s perfect for your unique child and your specific situation. I’ll guide you step-by-step through your sleep journey.

If you’re wondering, “Does Taking Cara Babies teach cry it out?”, the short answer is no. Please know, my newborn class will teach you no-cry strategies to lay a healthy sleep foundation from the start. For babies (5-24 months) and toddlers (2-4 years), my classes are fully customizable with the goal of remaining emotionally connected with the fewest tears possible during your sleep training journey. 

I know how helpful reviews can be. I’d love for you to hear what people are saying about Taking Cara Babies classes.

My goal is to help your family thrive! If the age-appropriate class you purchased doesn’t change your life for the better, I offer a money-back guarantee. Email within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. I believe with all of my heart that these classes will provide incredible benefits for your family! 

Yes! All of my courses will work for you and your family whether your baby is breastfed, bottle fed, or even if you have a toddler that is fully weaned.

All of my classes come with on-demand access that never expires.

If you have trouble accessing your class for any reason, you can reach out to my team at [email protected]

Yes, my 5-25 Month Collection will give you a step-by-step plan to wean night feedings completely or help you maintain a night feeding while also getting consolidated night sleep.

Are you ready to have a great little sleeper?

If you're overwhelmed, exhausted, or just not sure where to start. I was there too. Let me show you everything you need to confidently handle sleep so your whole family can thrive!

Select your child's age to get started:

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