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All About the DockATot and How To Wean Out

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Cara Dumaplin

RN, BSN, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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The DockATot...

When I even mention this name, I hear a wide array of comments from new parents ranging from:

“This is the most amazing baby product since the invention of baby wipes.”


“I wish I never bought this thing. Now he won’t sleep without it.”

Let’s face it, when your baby won’t sleep- you are willing to try almost anything just to get a bit more shut-eye; however, when we are thinking rationally, safety is of utmost importance so let’s dive in together and see how to use this product safely.

First, what is the DockATot?anchor

If you are a new mom who is active on Instagram, you’ve probably seen it.

It’s this…

white dockatot

According to DockATot’s website, it is “a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere.”

The DockATot has gained popularity, in my opinion, because it provides the womb-like, snug feeling that so many newborns desire in those first few months after birth. Parents love it because it’s easy to transport from room to room.

Is it meant for baby sleep?anchor

No! I know you are probably seeing it for this purpose (and I do understand that some parents do use it in this manner), but Elina Furman, director of marketing at DockATot, explains that her company’s product isn’t intended to be used for baby sleep. “The DockATot is used by many for supervised lounging, chilling and playtime,” she says.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, only products labeled with the words "crib," "bassinet," or "play yard" meet the standards for safe baby sleep. This means that anything labeled as a lounger, napper, infant seat, or sleeper is NOT approved for safe baby sleep. This means the DockATot is not to be used for sleeping.

According to, your baby should be “Placed in a bare crib,” specifically, “The baby should be placed in a crib with no loose bedding, pillows, bumper pads or positioning devices.” The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission agrees that, “bare is best” inside the crib or bassinet. This means nothing but the baby is to be inside the crib or bassinet.

But...let’s say you ARE using the DockATot for sleep:anchor

You are not a “bad” parent. You are not “failing.” The last thing you need is someone judging you or scaring you. Taking Cara Babies believes in supporting parents, not shaming them so let me try to offer some help in educating you and using safe sleep practices.

First, many parents who take the newborn sleep class “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” have babies who are sleeping 6-12 hours by 6-12 weeks without a DockATot. In fact, this class specifically aims to teach parents other methods to recreate that womb-like experience using only safe sleep guidelines.

You don't need a DockATot to have a great sleeper!!!

Next, understand that the DockATot is not to be used in the crib or bassinet.

Here’s the US label on the DockATot:

dockAtot safety instructions and warning label

Additionally, DockATot’s warning label says never to put a baby inside the DockATot on a surface from which they can fall (i.e. couch, bed, ottoman, etc). This is especially important because the clip at the bottom of the DockATot is designed to release with 4.5 lbs of pressure as a safety feature to keep the baby from becoming too tightly wedged inside so please keep that mattress flat on the floor.

How do we wean a baby from the DockATot?anchor

I have a blog called Weaning Out of Sleep Products that will show you!

If coming out of the DockATot has totally derailed your great little sleeper, please know help is available. I have classes designed to meet your baby right where he or she is developmentally that will help you set up safe and restful nights.

***This blog post was not featured, approved, read, or endorsed by DockATot. All opinions/advice herein are solely by Cara at Taking Cara Babies. Furthermore, this is not medical advice. Follow the advice of your pediatrician.

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