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Standing in the Crib

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baby standing in the crib instead of sleeping

If you’re reading this, you probably have a baby who just learned to pull up or stand. You might be worried about how standing in the crib could impact her sleep.

Let’s talk about how you can encourage those skills and help prevent new sleep struggles.

1. ⁣Practice during the day.

Help your little one practice lying down from the sitting position and sitting back down from the standing position. This daytime play can help keep your baby from getting "stuck" when he decides to try his new skills at night.⁣ Watch this video of little Bo and his mama as they practice.

2. Consider adding a sleep sack.

Sleep sacks limit your baby's ability to stand easily in the crib (at least for awhile).⁣ I’ve got all of my favorite sleep sacks and reasons why I love them in this blog.

3. Check your emotions.

Your baby is taking her cues from you. Your job is to stay calm and supportive as she learns this new skill. We want to keep her safe, but we want her to know that she can do this! 

4. Adjust your mattress height.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to adjust the crib mattress to the lowest position. An infant’s head is much heavier in proportion to their body. This means your sweet little bobble-head truly is “top heavy.” To prevent falls, aim for the top rail to hit mid-chest when the baby is in a standing position, especially now that your little one is standing in the crib.

baby standing in crib with crib mattress lowered for safety

5. Keep the crib empty.

Safe sleep is still important. You aren’t going to add any crib bumpers or loose bedding to the crib. Need to double-check the basics? I’ve got a safe sleep checklist for you. 

6. Read this blog for more.

I’ve got a whole blog on new skills and sleep that I think you will love. You’ll notice some similarities and other tricks that might be helpful as your baby practices and masters any new skill.

If sleep feels like a struggle or is always hard, ⁣the ABCs of Sleep can help. I want you to celebrate this big change for your baby with confidence. You’ve got this! 


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