Online Sleep Training Class

This class is for parents of babies 5-24 months old who struggle with sleep.

For parents who know their nights need to change, but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.

The ABC’s of Sleep provides you with a research-based, 14 night plan designed to help YOUR baby sleep. This program is NOT one size fits all, but rather a step-by-step approach to customize a personal sleep plan for your little one. This online class coaches you as you teach your little one how to have consolidated, restful nights in the crib.

You’ll learn how to help your baby: Fall asleep more independently, wean night feedings (maintaining one if needed), handle night wakings, fall back to sleep in the night, and conquer naps too…all while providing hands-on reassurance.

Parents describe this class as “absolutely life-changing.” In just 14 nights, your baby can be sleeping 10-12 hours each and every night. 

Package A
  • ABC’s of Sleep video access for 4 months
  • Booklet
  • 2 Phone Consults (up to 40 minutes each) with a certified sleep consultant on the Taking Cara Babies Staff ($120 value)

*Free Bonus with this package: Access to private FB group for encouragement and support on your sleep training journey

Package B
  • ABC’s of Sleep video access for 4 months
  • Booklet
  • 1 Phone Consult (up to 40 minutes) with a certified sleep consultant on the Taking Cara Babies Staff ($60 value)

*Free Bonus with this package: Access to private FB group for encouragement and support on your sleep training journey

Package C
  • ABC’s of Sleep video access for 4 months
  • Booklet

How do I know which package is right for me?

Packages A & B are best if…

  • You work best when you can ask questions and get personalized responses.
  • In moments of challenge, you benefit from encouragement and reassurance to keep going.
  • Your baby has unique needs that may require troubleshooting.

Package C is best if…

  • You work best digesting new information and putting it into action on your own.

  • In moments of challenge, you have the independent drive or personal support systems already in place to keep going.

  • You feel that you can troubleshoot any unique needs on your own or simply by revisiting the plan provided.

Note: You can always purchase a phone consult at a later date. Buying them as part of your package simply saves you money. The Facebook group is only available as a bonus feature of plans A and B.

We are excited to helping you succeed with this program and can’t wait to help you get started on your journey towards sleep-filled nights.

A word regarding crying…

Any time a little one’s routine is changed, crying often is accompanied. However, rest assured, Cara will guide you through the process so that the least number of tears, as possible, are shed. Watch as Cara shares her heart about infant crying.

Is the ABCs of Sleep right for our family?

Please read the following statements

My baby is over 5 months of age.

All medical issues are being treated or resolved. (For example: reflux is under control or is appropriately treated with intervention/medication)

My baby is following his growth curve (gaining weight) and my pediatrician says sleep training is acceptable at this time

I understand there will be crying, but Cara will teach me how and when to intervene so my baby never feels abandoned.

I am ready for my baby to sleep independently in his/her crib.

I will make time to watch a 90 minute class (preferably all at once, but not required).

I can commit to following a sleep plan for 14 nights in a row.

I understand that I can choose a package that includes support and encouragement through my entire journey in the private Taking Cara Babies Facebook Group and personal phone consults. I also understand that phone consults can be added to any package at any point to help ensure my baby’s success. I never have to walk this journey alone.

I understand that Cara is a nurse, but this is not medical advice. However, everything taught in this class has been created using evidenced-based, scientific research.

Can you answer “yes” to any (if not all) of these questions?


Are you up multiple times a night even though your baby is older than 5 months?


Co-sleeping, but not much “sleep” is happening?


Replacing the pacifier multiple times a night sounds familiar?


Is your lack of sleep beginning to frustrate you or affect your daily performance?


Perhaps your baby has to sleep in a swing?


Does your baby have to be fed, rocked, or bounced to sleep?


Your baby falls asleep independently, but still awakens multiple times a night?


Is your relationship with your significant other beginning to suffer?

Does this sound too good to be true?

Your baby sleeps consistently 10-12 hours each night in the crib.

Bedtime is a snuggle fest, not a fight.

You and your spouse have time to connect in the late evenings.

You wake up refreshed and are greeted by a happy baby.

You have a flexible routine each day, but are not imprisoned by a strict schedule.

It’s NOT too good to be true!

“The ABC’s of Sleep” is a complete guide for parents desiring a restful night’s sleep for their baby and themselves. It is a sleep plan to follow to conquer rough nights.

Yes, there will be crying, but you will be attached to the entire journey so your baby never is abandoned or neglected.

For parents who know their nights need to change, but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. This online class is a step-by-step approach to help your little one sleep in the crib the entire night while you provide reassurance all along the way.

Frequent Questions

What if my baby has to be nursed/fed to sleep?

The “ABC’s of Sleep” addresses that too. Cara lays out how to teach your little one to fall asleep independently.

What about night feedings?
We will gradually wean night feedings over the first week. If you or your doctor feel your baby still needs a feeding in the night, this class will show you how to maintain it.
Can we room share while implementing this program?
For the first 14 nights while implementing “The ABC’s of Sleep,” we ask that you give your baby his/her own space. We see the success rate of this program sky rocket when parents are NOT in the same room… but just for the 14 nights. After those 14 nights, if you’d like to resume room sharing, you definitely can!

To learn more about room sharing, the AAP recommendations, and how room sharing impacts sleep, please read THIS. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make during and after the program.

What if we only have a one bedroom home?

If you only have one bedroom, please keep the baby in the bedroom while you move to the living room at bedtime. I know this is very inconvenient. Remember, it is just for 14 nights. Once your baby is sleeping well, you can move back into the bedroom.

What is Cara's method & philosophy?

Cara’s goal is for babies to learn to sleep through the night, but to shed the fewest number of tears in the process. She doesn’t believe in leaving babies to “cry it out” while parents are totally unattached to the process.

“The ABC’s of Sleep” is a balanced approach to help babies learn the skill of sleeping while teaching parents how to provide hands-on reassurance.

Sure, there WILL be crying as a baby protests the change to a familiar routine, but Cara will teach you how and when to intervene so your baby doesn’t feel abandoned or neglected. Parents will be entering the room at timed intervals while giving love and support. Our goal is for a baby to always know that parents are nearby and walking through this process with them.

This class truly allows you to customize a plan for YOUR specific baby. Perhaps you just want to work on nights, but still rock your baby for naps- this is acceptable. Others may decide they want to work on nights and naps all at once- this is okay too. Cara understands that every family desires a different pace. Furthermore, night feedings will be gradually weaned rather than an abrupt “cold turkey” approach. Cara instructs how to maintain a feeding if parents or doctors feel it is necessary. This plan is truly customizable for your family and YOUR baby.

Please know Cara has walked in your shoes. Yes, she’s a neonatal nurse and baby sleep expert, but she’s also a mom of 4. She knows what it means to be sleep deprived, but scared to change anything out of fear that her baby would be abandoned through sleep training. She wants you to know that you will never be alone on this journey with your baby. The facebook group and/or personalized phone consults allow you to have the support so many parents desire.



Do you offer ongoing support?

Yes we do!

We are so happy offer 3 options to provide the type of support system that works best for your family and budget.
When you purchase the online class, “The ABC’s of Sleep,” you will be able to choose from these 3 tiers of support:

1) Our “A” package includes 2 phone consults to address your personal concerns and needs as well as bonus access to our ABC’s support group on Facebook. This group, run by Taking Cara Babies certified sleep consultants and volunteer mentor moms, provides ongoing encouragement and helpful tips along your journey.

2) Our “B” package includes 1 phone consult to address your personal concerns and needs as well as bonus access to our ABC’s support group on Facebook. This group, run by Taking Cara Babies certified sleep consultants and volunteer mentor moms, provides ongoing encouragement and helpful tips along your journey.

3) Our “C” package includes all of the materials you need to walk through “The ABC’s of Sleep” on your own, but it does not include any personal support in the initial price. If you do find that you need that support at any point in your journey, you are always welcome to purchase a phone consult with Cara or a member of the Taking Cara Babies staff.

Please know this sleep plan is NOT a one-time fix!

Upon purchase of The ABC’s of Sleep, you will receive a 60 page printable booklet. This will guide you through the FIRST TWO YEARS of your baby’s life as developmental changes occur. It gives you a detailed plan to follow, night weaning instructions, nap guidelines, sample day schedules for each age group and answers to frequently asked sleep questions.

The first time you implement The ABC’s of Sleep, it takes about 14 nights to see those consistent 10-12 hour nights. Anytime sleep is derailed (due to travel, illness, or sleep regressions) simply follow the instructions in your booklet and your excellent little sleeper will return in about 3-5 nights.

See why sleep is so important HERE

What is the success rate?

For parents who commit to following the plan laid out in the “ABC’s of Sleep” for 14 nights, there is 98% success rate with babies sleeping 10-12 hours each and every night. One hundred percent of those babies are completely attached to their parents after the 14-night journey is completed.

Will sleep training damage my baby emotionally?

There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that crying with constant reassurance has any negative long-term side effects upon a baby. In fact, research proves just the opposite. Research shows that rested kids are joyful, attentive, and flourish in their environment! Cara shows you how to maintain a loving relationship with your baby as he learns to sleep through the night.
See research HERE.

Does this work for babies in daycare?

Many, many, many babies have been successful with this program while attending daycare. 
Day sleep and night sleep use different parts of the brain. You can have long, restful nights by following this plan even if your baby attends daycare. Your daycare providers can continue their normal routine in most situations.

Does this work for twins/multiples?

This sleep plan has been incredibly successful for multiples. We will treat them as individuals and follow the plan laid out in The ABC’s of Sleep. Some parents keep them in the nursery together. Amazingly, twins learn to sleep well despite their sibling awakening. Feel free to keep them both in the same room. 
Other times, parents find more success by separating the babies for 14 nights. More information is available after purchase in your booklet regarding multiples.

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