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Expecting a brand new little one?

As you look forward to the arrival of your new baby, you're likely experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, and it's completely natural to have a few worries, especially about sleep.

  • Have you had people warn you about the restless nights ahead?
  • Or maybe you’ve searched for baby sleep guidance only to end up more confused than when you started?
  • Or perhaps the advice you’ve been given just doesn’t feel right in your heart?

Has that left you feeling stressed out, insecure, and anxious about how you’ll ever be able to navigate baby sleep?

You don’t have to feel this way or walk this journey alone!

Hey there! I'm Cara.

I'm a neonatal nurse, certified pediatric sleep expert, and mama of four. I’ve devoted my life to helping parents like you confidently lay a healthy sleep foundation from the start with an emotionally-connected, fully-customizable, no-cry approach.

My class will hand you the tools you need to handle newborn sleep with peace of mind.

You’ll have complete confidence to:

  • Read your baby’s unique cues
  • Calm your fussy baby
  • Set up a flexible daytime routine
  • Work towards longer stretches of night
  • Truly LOVE the newborn stage

Did you know that parents who attend prenatal parenting classes actually have improved birth outcomes? Research shows it’s true1 – especially for parents who are feeling stressed out or anxious.

See what new parents are saying

All the tips & tricks you need for those early months months of parenting

You'll feel well-prepared for sleep challenges, more connected with your baby, and, most importantly, confident in your role as a parent.

Module 1

Cara’s 7 Tips

8 Videos

Everything you need to get started on laying a healthy sleep foundation with your newborn.

  1. Tip 1: Let's talk about swaddling 21:02
  2. Tip 2: When to wake a sleeping baby 25:59
  3. Tip 3: Light and Darkness 5:56
  4. Tip 4: What about sound machines? 4:45
  5. Tip 5: Falling Asleep Independently 10:12
  6. Tip 6: How to handle naps 7:28
  7. Tip 7: Getting longer stretches of sleep at night 17:07
  8. Bonus: What about short naps? 3:07
Module 2

More Help

5 Videos

Troubleshooting, customizing, and extra help for your unique baby.

  1. I need more help with C.R.I.E.S. 14:46
  2. I need more help with falling asleep independently 11:18
  3. I need more help: We're not making progress 17:45
  4. I need more help with my days 21:57
  5. I need more help with multiples 3:50
Module 3

Frequently Asked Questions

14 Videos

The answers to all of your lingering questions!

  1. What about the first four weeks? 1:27
  2. What if my baby was born prematurely? 0:59
  3. How do I introduce a pacifier? 5:07
  4. How can I fix day/night confusion? 0:47
  5. What about my milk supply? 4:09
  6. Is it okay if my baby has two longer stretches in the night? 0:54
  7. What is the maximum my baby should sleep in one stretch at night? 0:41
  8. Do I burp my baby in the night? 0:42
  9. What if the pacifier falls out? 0:48
  10. Why is 3-7 am so difficult? 0:32
  11. Do you have any advice for daycare parents? 2:00
  12. How do I wean away from baby products for sleep? 1:56
  13. What if my baby has reflux or another physical concern? 2:39
  14. What happens after 12 weeks? 0:57
Module 4

Navigating Months 3 & 4

3 Videos

All the strategies you need to adjust to this new stage and navigate the 4 month sleep regression.

  1. Understanding This Guide 4:07
  2. An Important Message About Bedtime 3:57
  3. Bonus Thoughts on SIT BACK 3:30

What new parents are saying about the First Five Months Bundle

Hear straight from our online community of nearly 3 million families.

An Approach Proven to Work

Taking Cara Babies resources combine the expertise of a pediatric nurse and the heart of a mama.

Research & Evidence Based

Feel confident that you’re using strategies affirmed by peer-reviewed research, pediatricians, and experts worldwide. Will I Ever Sleep Again? is the #1 prenatal/newborn sleep class in the world.

Emotionally Connected

My "no-cry" approach to newborn sleep encourages snuggling, baby-wearing, or rocking your little one while you lay a solid sleep foundation.

Flexible & Customizable

Your baby is unique and so are you! Instead of rigid rules and schedules, you’ll find a roadmap full of practical suggestions to encourage progress over perfection.

An Easy-to-Use Approach

Use simple, practical tips to establish realistic, flexible routines, not rigid bedtime and nap schedules.

Start your sleep journey today

All Taking Cara Babies classes are covered by our 30-day, money-back guarantee. We're confident you'll love it!

First Five Months Bundle

Our online class and ebook for 0-4 month-olds to help you to lay a healthy sleep foundation, set your days and nights up for success, and LOVE this stage.

What’s included

  • 4 core class modules + supplemental videos
  • The Navigating Months 3 & 4 eBook
  • On-demand access that never expires
  • Sample schedules, routines, and checklists for easy reference

Pay once, own it forever

$99 USD

Buy this class

Your purchased is covered by our no-questions, 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Common Questions

If your little one is younger than 12 weeks—even if they’re 10-12 weeks old—then yes!

If your baby is 5 months or older, consider The 5–24 Month Collection to get help establishing 10-12 hours of independent sleep.

The First Five Months Bundle comes with on-demand access that never expires so that you have it to watch now and for every question, concern, and hiccup along the way.

When parents ask this question, they’re typically wondering when their baby might sleep through the night. My honest answer is, “Every baby is different.”

So, while I can’t promise your baby will be sleeping 10 hours at 3 months, I can promise this class will meet your baby where they are developmentally and help them progress at their own pace towards better sleep and longer stretches at night.

It’s a gentle method, so it’ll take practice and patience. The goal is to make progress toward independent sleep, while avoiding any roadblocks along the way.

No!! The First Five Months Bundle doesn’t have any sleep training or crying it out; these classes are designed to help you establish healthy sleep habits with gentle practice.

You’ll include lots of hugs, snuggles, rocking, and baby-wearing, and you’ll establish flexible routines, not rigid schedules.

I know every baby and family is a bit different! I can tell you our classes have worked for thousands of families with little ones who:

  • are up all night.
  • need to be bounced, fed, or snuggled to sleep.
  • don’t love being swaddled.
  • are exclusively breastfed, exclusively bottle-fed, or a combination of the two.
  • attend daycare.
  • are multiples.
  • have acid reflux and other health concerns.
  • and lots more.

All Taking Cara Babies classes are covered by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.

We’re happy to help! Simply email us through our contact form.