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Breastfeeding Basics as Taught by a Subway Sandwich

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subway sandwich being used to demonstrate breastfeeding basics

As a former Labor and Delivery/Postpartum Nurse and a mom who nursed her own babies, I know first-hand that breastfeeding can feel overwhelming, especially in the beginning! In those first few days and weeks after the arrival of your newborn, there seems to be so much to remember: ensure a good latch, use proper positioning, protect your nipples, keep your baby awake for a full feeding, build your supply ... the list goes on and on and on. I want to show you “The Breastfeeding Basics as Taught by a Subway Sandwich.” My goal is to give you a more simple way to think about those basic rules, so it doesn’t feel quite so overwhelming (and hopefully make you laugh too!)

Quick Take-Aways:

  1. Remove those extra blankets and clothing. Being skin-to-skin with mom prepares the baby for a good feeding.

  2. Your baby’s belly button should face your belly button during a feeding. Double-check to make sure it’s NOT facing the ceiling.

  3. Make a “C” with your hand to help fit the entire areola into your baby’s mouth. No “scissor-fingers.”

  4. Wait for baby to have a big open mouth, and then get the entire nipple to the back of the tongue. Allowing baby to latch at the tip can cause some major pain.

  5. Bring baby to the breast instead of stretching your breast to the baby.

  6. If your little one is falling asleep- wake that baby! Our goal is a full feeding instead of snacking.

  7. Take a breastfeeding class or reach out for an appointment with a lactation consultant.

  8. Watch the Taking Cara Babies newborn class. I’ll show you how to calm a fussy baby, read sleepy cues, lay a strong sleep foundation (even while breastfeeding), and love the newborn stage.

  9. Your baby doesn’t know what he or she is doing either. You are learning as you go, TOGETHER!

  10. Remember: Nobody could do it better! You are the best mama on the planet for this baby!


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