4 Months

A navigational guide for conquering the four month sleep regression.
This guide is developmentally appropriate for babies 13-22 weeks.
Please Note: For babies 12 weeks and under, the NEWBORN CLASS is for you.

“Navigating Months 3 & 4” is your guide to defeating the four-month dreaded sleep regression ($34)

This 50-page booklet gives practical steps to help parents
navigate the rough terrain of 13-22 weeks. This digital download will be
directly sent to your inbox after purchase.
Please Note: For babies 12 weeks and under, the newborn class is for you.

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Is this booklet for me?


Not sure what's next?

If you took the newborn class and have a great sleeper but aren’t sure what comes next for your baby, this booklet is for you!

Sleep falling apart?

If you had a great sleeper during the newborn phase but all of a sudden sleep is falling apart, this booklet is for you too!

Baby just won't sleep?

And if you have had months of struggle with a baby who just won’t sleep, this booklet is also for you.
This guide is not meant to be “active sleep training” as your little one is simply not developmentally ready for that yet.

“Navigating Months 3 & 4” is a road map to help prepare you for the weeks and months ahead. Your little one faces some of the biggest changes in brain development during months 3 & 4. To parents, this time is known as the dreaded four month sleep regression. Our goal is to help you support your baby through this amazing (and sometimes frustrating) stage of development.

This guide is for parents who have AND have not taken the Taking Cara Babies’ Newborn Class. However, for babies 12 weeks and under, this guide is NOT yet developmentally appropriate. Please take advantage of the newborn class first.

What’s covered in “Navigating Months 3 & 4”?

Understanding the regression

Fitting in needed daytime calories

Preventing “reverse cycling”

Establishing a bedtime routine

Creating a sleep environment

Helping baby to fall asleep more independently

Reducing night wakings

Weaning night feedings (if needed)

Handling naps

Creating a realistic flexible schedule

Eliminating sleep props (Rock N Play, DockATot, swing, etc.)

Transitioning out of the swaddle

Frequent Questions

If my baby is 8-12 weeks old, should I buy this instead of the newborn class?
No, for babies 12 weeks and under, the newborn class is the way to go!
Is this a class?
No, this is a self-guided booklet that you can download, print, and refer to as needed.
Will this booklet help prevent me from having to “sleep train” my baby?
Some parents will likely see that this guide helps their nights become exactly what they need them to be (with the goal to be: one feeding in the night and long stretches of sleep). Others may decide that the ABC’s of Sleep will help perfect those nights even further. Any progress in navigating through this 3-4 month phase will only make sleep training that much easier should you decide it’s necessary.
Does this booklet involve crying?

If your nights are a struggle, tears are likely part of your life already (both YOURS and the baby’s). This guide will instruct you to wait a few minutes before intervening, but you will be actively providing comfort and holding your baby when needed.

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Navigating Months 3 & 4

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