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Sleep Sacks®, Sleep Bags, and Wearable Blankets

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Want to know a topic that I get asked about almost daily? Sleep sacks, sleep bags, and wearable blankets. They all mean generally the same thing - a sleeveless zip up bag that your baby or toddler can wear as an alternative to a blanket for sleep. 

Cara, why do you love them?

1. Safety! 

Loose bedding in your baby’s crib or bassinet simply isn’t safe. You can read all about the recommendations from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). I also have a safe sleep checklist that you can download.

2. Warmth!

Many little ones are active sleepers. Even if kiddos are old enough for blankets, these blankets are often kicked off or rolled away from.  But, a Sleep Sack® is a blanket worn by your baby so it stays on him all night long.

3. Sleep Cue!

Did you know that when you get into your bed at night, the act of pulling your sheet up tells your brain that sleep is coming? The same thing applies to your baby. When you zip up that sleep bag, it sends a message to their little brain “Oh, it’s time to go to sleep.”  

4. Limits Mobility!

Your little one will learn to crawl, pull up, walk, and even climb. When she is in her crib, we don’t want her practicing those skills. We want her sleeping! Sleep sacks make this mobility more challenging and keep the focus on sleep. If you have a little one who is trying to crawl out of the crib, a Sleep Sack® also makes it much harder to swing a leg up over the sides of the crib and crawl out. 

When do I start using a sleep bag?

A great time to start using a sleep bag is when your baby shows signs of rolling and it’s time to transition from the swaddle

Still have a little one younger than 12 weeks? Check out my newborn class for more on swaddling and turning a swaddle hater into a swaddle lover. 

When should I transition out of the Sleep Sack®?

Many parents choose to transition out of sleep sacks or wearable blankets when it’s time for a toddler bed! 

Not sure if it’s time? Check out this blog. No need to rush out of the sleep sack OR into a toddler bed!  

What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for “thermal overall grade,” which is a common term in the textile industry. It basically indicates how warm your Sleep Sack is going to be. I like to think of it in terms of a sheet (.5), blanket (1.0), and a heavy comforter (2.5). Most company websites even give temperature range recommendations to go with their TOG ratings. When you’re shopping, see what you think would be best for your house, your climate, and your baby!  

TOG rating guide for sleep sacks
Text version of table
TOG Rating Room Temperature
.5 74-78 °F (23-26 °C)
1.0 69-75 °F (20-22 °C)
2.5 61-68 °F (16-20 °C)

For more on how many layers to add or temperatures for baby’s room, check out this blog on dressing babies for sleep

What brands do you like?

I love Kyte Baby, LouLou Lollipop, Woolino, Halo, Ollie, Swaddle Sleeves (use code CARA10), and Snuggy Buddy. If you have one that you love, use that one!

Please know that if you’re doing great without a Sleep Sack, you don’t have to use one to have a great little sleeper. Do what works for your family! 

If you’ve tried a sleep sack but sleep is still a mess, please know that help is available. I can help you have your baby sleeping in just 14 nights.

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