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We understand that purchasing a Taking Cara Babies’ resource is an important investment in your baby and your family. We’ve spent countless hours developing and refining these resources to help your family truly thrive.

We have clear goals for each of our resources, but if you feel like the product you purchased didn’t accomplish those goals, we’re happy to provide a full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. To find out more about resource goals and get specific details about our money back guarantee, click here.

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Newborns (0-12 Weeks)

“Will I Ever Sleep Again?”

Are you ready to go from feeling insecure and unprepared about baby sleep to confidently laying a healthy sleep foundation for your baby? Our newborn class will help you to do just that.

3-4 Months

“Navigating Months 3 & 4”

What if it was possible to escape the defeat and exhaustion of the 4 month sleep regression? Let us give you the complete guide to navigating this dreaded phase so you can make progress towards better nights!

5-24 Months

“The ABCs of Sleep”

Are you ready for a complete step-by-step plan to take your nights from exhausting to restful? You’re 14 nights away from having a great little sleeper.