Cara’s Method & Philosophy

It makes me sad to hear a baby cry. I don’t take any pleasure in it whatsoever. You probably don’t either!

For newborns under 5 months, I don’t believe babies should be “sleep trained”.

I believe in setting up a strong sleep foundation using healthy sleep habits. Hundreds upon hundreds of parents have newborns sleeping 8-12 hours per night by 8-12 weeks of age utilizing my newborn sleep class “Will I Ever Sleep Again”. This class teaches a balance between baby wearing, snuggling, and rocking with a baby learning to fall asleep on his/her own. Nights will gradually lengthen using only gentle methods.

For babies over 5 months who have no underlying medical issues, I do believe that if given the time and tools, babies will learn to become great sleepers.

I don’t believe in just letting a baby scream all alone without any reassurance. I do, however, believe babies need sleep. I do believe sleep is a learned behavior.

My method and philosophy for older babies (5-24 months) is NOT just about the crying. Sure, there WILL be crying. Babies communicate through crying, and when we change a familiar routine, they most likely WILL protest. Please understand that a baby crying in protest is NOT equivalent to a baby crying in harmful, painful distress.

For parents who choose to utilize my online class, The ABC’s of Sleep, we will be monitoring the baby’s BEHAVIOR while crying. We are looking for behaviors that promote sleep.

What do “sleep-promoting behaviors” look like? Well, it’s different for every baby, but some common traits include: gently sucking on his hand or thumb, placing the pacifier into his mouth, gently moving his head/body side to side, kicking his legs or waving his arms, nuzzling the blanket, and “talking” or humming to himself.These are the actions we are looking for during the crying. These are the things that tell us that your baby is on his way to success.

So, yes, you will see your baby cry, but I will teach you how and when to intervene so that your baby never will feel abandoned or neglected. I teach parents how to provide attached, hands-on reassurance all throughout the night. You will be going in during timed intervals to let your baby know that you are physically and emotionally present always.

For a baby who is eating at night, we will gradually decrease the night feedings rather than an abrupt, cold-turkey approach. If a parent/doctor feels a night feeding needs to be maintained, we will keep a feeding.

I believe every family has a different pace at which they are comfortable while sleep training. Some parents may want to just work on nights while allowing naps in mom’s arms, while baby wearing, or out and about. This is acceptable. Other families may want to work on nights and naps together. This is equally acceptable. My goal is to meet you where you are and help reclaim the joy of parenthood as the entire family gets more rest.

This plan is customizable for YOUR baby! Just like your baby won’t be alone during the process, neither will you. You have access to all the support needed through the private Facebook group and personalized phone consults (with Packages A and B). Phone consults can be added to any of our courses. My goal is for you to see success and help you along this journey.

Everything I teach has been created using an evidenced-based, scientific approach to maintain the bond between parent and child while the baby learns to sleep independently.


Taking Cara Babies is dedicated to helping babies all across the globe get the sleep they need.

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Navigating Months 3 & 4

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