“Am I Enough?”

A Note For Every New Mom

Cara Dumaplin, Founder

June 5, 2016

After 28 hours of labor, a failed birth plan, and a snoozing husband, you look down at this precious little newborn just hours old.

“So you were the one kicking me in there?”

Although her head is a bit coned-shape, there really couldn’t be anything more beautiful in the world. Her face wrinkles and she begins to fuss. “Perhaps she’s hungry”, you think. You put her back to the breast, but she won’t open her mouth wide enough. She just cries harder. You try again in a different position racking your brain- trying to remember what you learned during that breastfeeding class in your last trimester. The postpartum nurse made it look so easy just 45 minutes earlier. Now the crying turns to screaming. Her sweet little face is turning bright red. You feel a sense of panic. Oh no, what was it I learned in that newborn class to make a baby stop crying?

“Honey, wake up. Honey, can you help me?” you plead to your conked out husband.

Your husband is absolutely exhausted and somehow manages to continue his slumber. The baby’s cry escalates. You feel your own tears welling up.“What do I do? I thought this would come naturally,” you mutter. At that moment your nurse walks in the door. (Instantly, your husband rises to his feet.) The nurse walks over to assist you and the crying baby. Calmly, she swaddles her and rocks her side to side. She looks so at ease. Your sweet angel immediately settles against the nurse and stops crying. The look in your husband’s eyes is pure admiration for this amazing nurse.

New Mom, stop right there! I know what you’re thinking:

“Was I really meant to be a mom? I have no clue what I’m doing. I can’t even get the baby to stop crying let alone to latch appropriately. God, did you mess up? Am I enough? It will take a miracle for me to ever know what to do like that nurse did.”

Can I share with you a little secret? You have officially joined the “Is Mommy Enough Club”. Unfortunately, these thoughts are so common among us. Sometimes it does take a miracle to convince us that we are enough. Can I just take a moment to share with you one of my miracles?

On this particular day, my miracle came in the form of boxed cake mix by Pillsbury. Yes, boxed cake mix!

I stood in the bakery isle of Target and thought, “Jace is 9 tomorrow. I need to bake him a cake.” (Please don’t judge. I know my abilities; boxed cake mix IS my idea of “baking”.)

I stood there on Isle 24 and had no idea what kind to get him. I couldn’t remember his favorite or (insert huge gasp) did I ever know? I knew he only liked “a tiny bit of frosting”, but I had no idea what KIND of cake.



Red Velvet?


How did I not know this? I felt the tears well up inside. It’s in these moments that I wonder if God knew what he was doing by giving me four kids. I know moms with only one or two kids definitely know their child’s favorite cake. I’m sure they do. Don’t they? Did I have too many babies? What was I thinking? What mama doesn’t know this simple fact about their own baby? Well, I didn’t. I grabbed the first box I saw once the tears dissipated.


Funfetti it was!

I walked in the door and hollered, “Hey Jace, what’s your favorite kind of cake?”

His response: “Oh Mom, I’ll like whatever you got, but I like the white one with the colored speckles in it the most.”

Yessssssss! Funfetti!

It was simply a guess… Or perhaps something more? Maybe Someone needed me to know that I don’t need to fret the small stuff. These four kiddos were meant to be mine in spite of all my doubts, concerns, worries, and fears. Deep inside, I knew what to do. It was there all along.

So new mamas, don’t fret the small stuff. That baby was meant to be yours. You’re doing it right. Sure, these moments are tough, but soon, you will be the only one who can calm that sweet baby. You ARE enough!

Cara Dumaplin

Cara Dumaplin


As a neonatal nurse, mom of four, and wife of a pediatrician, Cara has created classes and resources to help babies and parents sleep, allowing them to reclaim the joy of parenthood. Since the birth of Taking Cara Babies in 2013, Cara has truly been able to see her passion come to life as she educates, empowers, and encourages parents all over the world.

Cara's happy place is the beach with her laughing children. But if she can't get that far, you might find her in the Joanna Gaines section of Target, sipping on coffee and wearing yoga pants.

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