3-4 Months

“Will I Ever Sleep Again” is for babies 12 weeks and under and “The ABC’s Of Sleep”
is for babies 5 months and over, so what about three and four month olds?

Yes, it seems like there is a missing hole in the Taking Cara Babies’ sleep programs… There’s actually not!

 Here’s the rationale:

“Will I Ever Sleep Again” is a class designed for shaping healthy sleep habits in the beginning. The tips taught in this class truly apply for the first five months of life; however, the most success is seen when implemented prior to 12 weeks. If your little one is 13-15 weeks, feel free to consider watching this class online as it will give you some helpful tools to set up a routine and consistency. Learn more about this class HERE.

“The ABC’s of Sleep” is official “sleep training”. Cara has been implementing Customized Sleep Plans with hundreds and hundreds of families. Over years of experience and research, she has found the most success when parents implement these strategies at or after 5 months of age.

When following the plan in “The ABC’s of Sleep” at 4 months of age, the success rate is 86%. When following the plan at 5 months of age and older, the success rate jumps to an outstanding 98%. There is huge developmental growth during this fourth month of life and it truly IS worth the wait. If you are struggling with “Understanding the Four Month Sleep Regression”, please read more about that HERE.

Frequent Questions

What is happening developmentally at 3-4 months?

Your baby suddenly shows interest in the world around him.

He will inspect new objects with his eyes first and later his hands and mouth.

She will respond positively to familiar people and routines.

He may become easily distracted during feedings due to interest in his surroundings.

She shows signs of developing a memory (“we sit in this rocking chair for a feeding”, “after a bath I wear jammies”, “my swaddle means it’s time to sleep”, etc).

What can you do at this age to help with sleep?

Set up a predictable routine for your day (THIS blog post gives a bit of advice)

Offer a nap after 70-120 minutes of awake time

Spend time face to face with your baby

Allow her to play independently for 5-10 minute intervals

Create a predictable series of events prior to bedtime (a bedtime routine-bath, jammies, feeding, to bed)

Respond to your baby within 3-5 minutes of crying in the night (Don’t allow baby to cry for long periods of time only to then meet his needs. This behavior sets up a habit of crying to have his needs met in the night. It will make future sleep training more difficult. )

Practice a 7-8pm bedtime (push bedtime earlier 10-15 minutes each night until you are consistently having a bedtime within this range).

If you have watched/attended the newborn class, “Will I Ever Sleep Again”, please refer to Page 6 of your booklet. Utilize these steps at bedtime and with each night waking.

Won't I just be reinforcing bad habits during this month or two?

No, you are meeting your baby where he is developmentally. You can begin to make steps toward healthy sleep, but you are waiting for the optimal time in your baby’s brain to make big changes.

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